Planning Department

The core functional activities of the Planning Department are current planning and long range. These responsibilities include reviews and amendments to the Official Community Plan and Land-Use bylaw, the interpretation and application of various development control functions, the processing of subdivision, development permit and development variance permit applications, and responding to inquiries from the public-at-large, developers and contractors, other stakeholders in planning processes. As well, we work with council and its committees with regard to specific Council directed projects.

  Development Permit

When your Property falls within an active Development Permit Area (DPA)

Application Form
Information sheet
Flow Chart

Development Variance Permit

If your lot includes a unique feature that makes it hard to meet the Land Use Bylaw requirements, you may choose to apply to Council for a development Variance Permit. Land use density cannot be varied by means of a Development Variance Permit. A rezoning application would be required.
DVP Flow Chart
DVP Information Sheet
DVP Application Form

Subdivision Application

If you want to create additional lots or change the boundaries of your property you will need to apply for a subdivision.
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Board of Variance Application

You can apply to the Board of Variance if a hardship exists or if you would like to alter a building on your property in which a legally nonconforming use is occurring.
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Lot Line Adjustments

If you want to change the boundaries of your property, you will need to apply for a lot line adjustment subdivision.
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Lot Consolidations

If you want to amalgamate two or more properties, you will need to apply to the British Columbia Land Title Office.

Moorage Applications

Moorage proposals must meet the requirements of Land Use Bylaw. Applicants must also obtain a Building Permit to build, extend, improve, replace a private moorage facility or a group moorage facility (i.e. a dock, float, gangway, pier, boat lift). Building Permit applications must be accompanied by foreshore tenure issued by the Province of British Columbia and plans by a registered professional (i.e. a professional engineer or architect);

More Information

Provincial Private Moorage application

Application Form

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a legal document providing a long-range vision for the development of Bowen Island. The OCP provides a policy framework to guide and manage the following aspects of the Island’s development; economic development, environment and natural resource use, housing, municipal services, parks and trail development and transportation. It is designed to balance the Island’s current and future social, environmental, and economic needs

Official Community Plan Maps & Schedules

OCP Amendments

Property Owners and developers may request amendments to the OCP to change the permitted uses or density allowed on their land. If the proposal is not aligned with the policies within the Official Community Plan, an application to Council to amend the OCP can be made.

How do I apply for an Official Community Plan Amendment?

Land Use Bylaws

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) regulates the use of land, building, and structures on the Island, as guided by policies contained in the Official Community Plan. The LUB defines land use in the form of legal zones and also regulates:

  • The size, height, and siting of buildings and structures
  • Subdivision servicing requirements
  • Parking standards


  • Schedule B  (Draft Consolidated Land Use Map)
  • Schedule C  (Comprehensive Development Zone 3 Map)
  • Schedule D (Land Development Guidelines for the Protection of the Aquatic Habitat)
  • Schedule E  (Design Guidelines, Snug Cove)
  • Schedule F  (Tourist Commercial (Accommodation) Development Permit Guidelines)

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Property Owners and developers may request amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to change the permitted uses or density allowed on their land. If the proposal is not aligned with the policies within the Land Use Bylaw, an application to Council to amend the LUB can be made.

How do I apply for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment?

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