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The Municipality has received the following correspondence from Minister Terry Lake, Ministry of Environment, regarding the National Park Initiative, dated November 10, 2011;

"Dear Mayor Turner:

Thank you for your letter of November 10, 2011, requesting clarification of my November 7 letter regarding Bowen Island and the proposed national park reserve.

You are correct that should the municipality indicate continued support for the national park reserve initiative on November 19, the Province will continue to work with the federal government and your municipality towards finalizing the feasibility study for consideration. Should the provincial and federal governments agree that the proposal is feasible, we would then work towards an establishment agreement for final consideration by the provincial cabinet and the federal parliament.

I recognize the uniqueness of this initiative in that the proposed national park reserve would be entirely within the municipal boundaries. As such, the Province will only consider a national park reserve if, among other considerations, there is continued support from Bowen Island throughout the process as it develops.

I trust this clarifies the concerns you have raised. "

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