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As part of its regular water system maintenance program, the Municipality will flush water mains in Bowen Bay, Bluewater Park, Cove Bay, Eagle Cliff, Hood Point, King Edward Bay and Tunstall Bay from October 21 through November 25, 2011.  This procedure is necessary to remove sediment that gradually deposits in the pipes and will not pose a health hazard.  Municipal staff will try to minimize any inconvenience.  Flushing will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in most neighbourhoods. 


Every effort will be made to ensure that water quality is not affected but some turbidity and higher than normal chlorine concentrations may be present for short periods of time. Running your tap briefly should clear this up.  In addition, temporary pressure fluctuations may occur.


For more information call Bob Robinson, Superintendent of Utilities at 604-947-4255.



It is recommended that water users with compromised immune systems ensure that their drinking water is boiled, filtered or distilled.


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