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Free the Trash!


As part of ongoing communications activities in support of the Zero Waste Challenge, Metro Vancouver is launching a social media campaign this summer to “Free the Trash”.   The objective of this campaign is to motivate residents to look in their household garbage and commit to reducing one item.  The intent is to start shifting how they think about garbage; specifically, they will feel more accountable and more empowered to start reducing their waste.


An inducement of $100 iTunes gift certificates will be awarded each week for the duration of the campaign, which will end September 16.  To qualify, residents must send us a picture of the garbage stream they commit to reduce, and a brief explanation of how they intend to do it.  To broaden the reach of this initiative, entrants are encouraged to tell their social network about the campaign, verifying they have done so by sending Metro Vancouver screen shots of their Facebook posting or Tweet for another chance to win.


The campaign will be promoted through Metro Vancouver’s mailing lists, including those contacts generated by our recent Zero Waste Conference and Sustainability Congress.  Additionally, Metro Vancouver will promote the campaign with a “Free the Trash” video through our own Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter channels.


If your municipality would like to support this reduce campaign, please add this link (http://bitly.com/fQcRm3) to our Free the Trash campaign on your web page.


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