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Does your sewer bill seem higher than normal?          

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Water consumption is down significantly this period-July-December 2010.  Consumption in the district for the same period last year was 18,885 m3.  This year it has dropped 57% to 10,771 m3.  While most of this drop could be attributed to a greater awareness for the need to conserve water, a significant portion (approx 3,000 m3) of this drop can be attributed to the repair of a major leak by a single property owner. 

Sewer costs are distributed evenly among connected properties based on their proportionate share of water consumption.  As total consumption goes down, the rate charged per m3 needs to increase to ensure that the required revenue is collected.  See chart below for comparisions:


July-Dec  2010

Jan-Jun 2010

July-Dec 2009

Total District Water Consumption  (A)




Required to Collect  (B)




Rate charged per m3  (B) / (A)





Even if you consumed exactly the same amount of water as you had in the first half of the year, your sewer bill would increase by approximately 50% as a result of the overall decrease in the district water consumption.  Please contact the public works department if you have any further questions in this matter at 604-947-4255.

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