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Draft OCP Update


The Draft OCP Update will be available for public review on Saturday June 19, at Municipal Hall.


The team updating Bowen’s Official Community Plan (OCP) invites you to come out and contribute your input and advice between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


What will the draft look like? Those familiar with the 1996 OCP, which fills a fat binder, will find the draft much easier to read and navigate. It is slimmer too; clearer and more focused. Basically it builds on the strengths of the 1996 OCP and brings it up to date. The objectives and policies inside will guide the decisions of our municipality. They are also meant to be considered by other jurisdictions, and by local groups and organizations. While the OCP Update can’t solve all problems, it sets out a framework towards a sustainable future to be followed for next 5–7 years.

After a year of consultation and dialogue, I am pleased to report that the update process remains on track. A month after the June 19 open house, first reading of the OCP bylaw is planned for July 19. This will trigger the formal referral process and address Local Government Act requirements. Even so, there will be opportunity for continued community input in August and September, while the government referrals are taking place. Final adoption is planned for fall 2010.


This phase of the drafting process has been busy for the steering committee. Many meetings have been needed and as much notice as possible has been given. For more information, please refer to the newsletter that will appear in mailboxes shortly, or www.bowenOCPupdate.ca, or give me a call.

Sue Ellen Fast

Chair, OCP Update Steering Committee

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