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Bowen Island Municipal Hall has recently received several calls from the public reporting bear sightings including on Adams Road (Monday, May 17th) and on Cates Hill (Tuesday, May 18th). The following photographs were taken at approximately 8:30 pm on Wednesday, May 19th in the Josephine Lake area of Cowan Point.  In response, the Ministry of Environment Conservation Service has been notified on each occasion.




The Municipality received a follow-up call on Wednesday, May 18th from the Conservation Officer on duty to notify us that the Conservation Office will not be taking action to remove the bear or investigate further at this time. They advised that all Bowen Island residents be vigilant in limiting access to garbage, recycling and other attractants for the bear.


If you see our new friend “Buddy the Bear”, please call 1-877-952-7277 to keep the Conservation Officer advised of the bear’s activities. They have also requested a photo of the bear if possible and only if the opportunity guarantees the safety of the photographer.



Please visit the Conservation website at http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/cos/info/bearaware/index.html to learn about bear awareness for both the safety of the community and “Buddy the Bear”.

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