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January 2010


A brief update as to what BIMFAC has been addressing in recent months.


BC Ferries have undertaken, at the suggestion of the Committee, the installation of an electronic information sign at the Snug Cover terminal.  The sign will be located next to the washrooms and will communicate to those waiting for the ferry in the Cove about late or cancelled sailings.  This should at least alleviate the frustration of not knowing what is going on for those waiting in line or at the terminal.  BCF are working out some technical details and we hope to see the sign shortly.


A concerned citizen brought to our attention the problem of buses parked underneath the concrete structure next to the Bowen Island marshalling lanes and idling their engines for long periods of time at Horseshoe Bay.  This was deemed to be a health hazard for both commuters and ferry workers alike and the issue was brought forward at our joint meeting with BC Ferries.  Upon contacting the bus operator we were informed that the maximum time for a bus to idle prior to loading is three minutes.  The owner of the company has stated that they will speak to their drivers about this issue.  In recent weeks there seems to have been a lessening of the problem but we encourage all commuters to be observant and to notify the nearest ferry worker if they see a bus idling for a long time.  Commuters can also take note of the time and date and bus number and report it to BIMFAC for follow up.  It is in all of our interests to keep the air free of exhaust fumes while we are waiting for the ferry.


Another issue that is being addressed is the change from “over-height” to 'over-length” vehicle charges.  During the past year BC Ferries has been endeavouring to simplify their tariffs across the system by eliminating some old and underutilized rate classes.  One of these is the “over-height” vehicle charge which has been deemed redundant since what is really for sale on board the ferry is deck space (length) and not the air space above it.  In future this rate will be eliminated, however vehicles over 20 feet in length will be charged an “over-length” fee equal to the commercial foot rate.  The Statistics show us that the number of vehicles impacted by this change is less than one percent and that 99% of us will have no bill impacts as a result of the change.


BIMFAC is a committee established by and responsible to Bowen Island Municipality.


Information about BIMFAC may be seen at the Municipalities website www.bimbc.ca under <municipal hall> then <committees>.


If you have a question or a problem or a suggestion relating to the ferry please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to address it.  We can be reached by email or phone at bimfac@bimbc.ca or 604 947 0452.

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