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October 5, 2009




In 2009, the main focus of the Bowen Island Municipal road capital upgrade program was as follows:

·         To improve the failing road base on Grafton Road:

At the end of the 2008/2009 winter season, Grafton Road was in extremely poor condition with excessive road ruts, potholes, alligator cracks and delaminated asphalt overlays.  Given the poor condition of the asphalt surfaces on Grafton Road, significant repairs were necessary prior to undertaking any resurfacing.

To pave the freshly graded gravel surfaces would have cost in the order of $300,000 – an amount that would have resulted in significant budgetary over-runs or removal of other work items from the roads program.  Therefore, it was decided to seal-coat Grafton Road instead.  Sealcoating the 2.3 lane kilometers of Grafton Road cost $65,000 and will provide an adequate surface until such time that paving the remainder of Grafton Road becomes feasible given the condition of other roads and funding available.


The contractor completed sweeping of the sealcoated roads during the week of September 28th, 2009 – material remaining on the road surface will be removed via traffic, weather and routine sweeping. Final grading and asphalt paving of the remaining section of Grafton Road, located west of Artisan Lane will occur on October 5th-6th, 2009. Lane marking will commence shortly afterwards, weather permitting


·         To reinstate two lanes of traffic to Dorman Road:

Although it was initially considered too expensive to complete within the existing budgetary allowance, Dorman Road was successfully returned to two lane traffic well under previously estimated budgets.  The material in the slumping portions of Dorman Road was replaced with appropriately sized, compacted granular material that was sufficient to provide a suitable road base.


·         To apply routine surface treatment to a number of local roads:

A significant amount of time and effort was spent by the Public Works crew to repair Dorman Road, Taylor Road, Channelview Road and a portion of Lower Adams Road prior to this year’s sealcoat resurfacing.  Additionally, many operational tasks, including several weeks of rock scaling on Taylor Rd, were fast tracked to ensure that the road was ready for resurfacing.  This included the application of crack sealant on Millers Road, Eaglecliff Road, Grafton Road, Village Drive and Cates Hill Road.  In total, approximately 6.0 lane km of these roads were resurfaced with a sealcoat surface in an effort to slow the degradation of these road structures for a number of years.


·         The replacement of a culvert on Terminal Creek, a major creek crossing on Grafton Rd.

This work was completed after a routine inspection program identified the pipe to be in extremely poor shape with a potential for collapse.


·         Additional work included the installation of a portion of roadside trail between the Fire Hall and Connelly Road and a repair of a base failure on Eaglecliff Road.


In general, the 2009 road capital program successfully achieved the goal of improving the base structure of Grafton Road, reinstating the full use of Dorman Road and providing rehabilitation, routine resurfacing, and sealing of a number of local roads.

Although it is expected that major rehabilitation will form a large part of road improvement programs over the next several years, routine maintenance and resurfacing will also continue to reduce future repair costs. Until additional funding is secured and the conditions have improved in other roads, sealcoating is likely going to form a key component of future road improvement programs.


A full copy of the Acting Public Works Manager’s report is available at the following link:


2009 Road Capital Upgrade Program - Review, Update, and Discussion

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