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Chip Seal Program


Chip sealing is expected to occur within the next few weeks on Grafton Rd, Dorman Rd, Taylor Rd and Channelview Rd and involves the following steps:


  • A layer of asphalt oil is applied to the road when weather is sufficiently warm and dry.
  • This is immediately followed by a layer of crushed rock, creating a "chip seal."
  • The chips are pressed into place by a roller and the road is immediately usable however, the compaction and adherence of chips to the asphalt binder improves with time and routine but SLOW traffic.
  • Crews return within a week to sweep up loose gravel and replace pavement markings. 

Please Be Aware:

  • A regulatory speed limit of 30 km/h will be in effect during the week following the chip seal placement.  Adherence to this temporary speed limit will minimize the likelihood of loose, flying chips causing damage to a vehicle’s body or windshield. Faster speeds and turning movements may also compromise the resulting quality and life expectancy of the new roadway surface.

Please obey all traffic signs, reduce your speed through the construction zones and leave extra time to reach your destination.


Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your courtesy and cooperation during this time.


Public Works Department


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