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During the winter, water in the pavement sub layer freezes and expands. Many of Bowen Island's roads have been constructed with inadequate base material and are susceptible to frost heave and subsequent pavement damage. As temperatures rise and the sub layer thaws the soil can become saturated with water and the pavement surface will have a reduced bearing capacity. Heavy vehicle loading can affect both the asphalt layer and the structural layers below. Load restrictions and reduced speeds can help minimize this type of damage and can save a significant amount of money in pavement repair costs.

Pursuant to Section 23 of the Highway Act and Section 31 of Bowen Island Municipal Bylaw 133, 2005, notice is hereby given that Load Restrictions will be placed on ALL Municipal roads on Bowen Island, excluding Bowen Island Trunk Road.

Restrictions limit vehicles to 90 percent of legal axle loading, as allowed under the Regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act.

Road Restrictions refer to 90% of the BASIC AXLE WEIGHT LOADING (steering axle exempted). Under basic regulations, the allowable rates are as follows:

Tractor: Basic Steering Weight is 5500 kg and Basic Drive Weight is 9100 kg
Trailer: Basic Tandem Weight is 17000 kg and Basic Tridem Weight is 24000 kg

Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted or subject to bylaw penalties.

Wil Hilsen
Acting Public Works Manager - Engineering
Bowen Island Municipality
Contact: 604-947-4255

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