Winter storm warning

A winter storm warning has been issued for Bowen Island for Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Environment Canada has advised that hazardous winter weather conditions are expected Wednesday evening. Snow will start falling this afternoon and become heavy this evening. Total snowfall amounts will vary from around 15 cm. In addition, strong northerly winds near 70 km/h will occur over southern sections of Howe Sound. There is a risk of freezing rain following the snowfall.

You can monitor weather alerts as the situation progresses at Environment Canada.

Road conditions during the storm

Icy road conditions and poor visibility are expected for the afternoon and throughout the evening. For everyone’s safety, we recommend to all Bowen Island residents to stay at home and to not drive their cars unless absolutely necessary during this period. If you have to, only do so if you have good winter tires on your car – all season tires are not safe in these conditions. Abandoned vehicles on the road (side) do pose a major safety hazard for all road users and will also hinder the plow trucks to get by.

The plow trucks will be out at work to keep the roads as clean as possible. However, if the road conditions become unsafe for our plow truck drivers, they will have to stop their services until conditions improve.

Please note that vehicles parked on the side of narrow roads or cul-de-sacs may hinder the plow trucks from plowing these roads/cul-de-sacs.

Thank you for your cooperation – stay safe!

Boat owners

We are asking all owners of moored/anchored boats to ensure that their vessels are securely affixed with extra and non-chafed lines. In addition, battening down hatches and covering open boats is essential during this impending storm system.

Driveway runoff and culverts

Property owners are responsible for keeping culvert openings clear at all times and ensuring water runoff from your property does not flow onto the roadway.

If you are experiencing an emergency in roads or water, please call 604-947-4255 or after-hours 604-834-0770.

Power outages

BC Hydro has advised that they are already readying crews for Bowen Island.

If you experience a power outage please check BC Hydro outages, or call 1-888-769-3766 (*49376 on your mobile phone).

Downed power lines

If you see a power line on the ground or that appears to be damaged, assume it is live and stay back 10 metres. Call 9-1-1.


As always, if you are experiencing an emergency requiring police, fire or ambulance, call 9-1-1.

Dogs and storms

During storms, some dogs are more likely to escape. Please ensure your dogs are safely secured on your property and are wearing current tags with your name and telephone number.

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