EXTENDED: Request for snow and ice removal services

Bowen Island Municipality is requesting applications of interest in the following on-call services:

Ice Patrol (Temperature Dependent): 3:30 am start or as required, Monday - Saturday; 4:30 am start or as required, Sunday & Holidays.

Snow Removal (Weather Dependent): Anytime, as required

Those interested in either or both of these services are asked to provide a driver’s licence abstract directly from ICBC (1-800-663-3051) to BIM by fax at 604-947-0193 and to provide a written response by email, regular mail or in person to:

Rachel Pryce-Jones, Public Works Clerk
Bowen Island Municipality
981 Artisan Lane
Bowen Island, BC   V0N 1G2
EMAIL:  rpryce-jones@bimbc.ca

A one day paid training will be provided upon acceptance. Thank you.

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